Mango with matcha-coco cream dip

So Manny Pacquiao lost to Mayweather over the weekend. Sad news to wake up to yesterday. I’m not a big boxing fan, but this match hits close to home. And no matter what, I know I am rooting for Pacman. So how do you nurse a little chip to your heart on days like this? Mangoes. Philippine mangoes, rightfully so.

Searching for Philippine mangoes in this part of the world can be difficult and costs can be too extravagant. If you can’t find these particular mangoes, the Thai ones are a good substitute, and even the South American ones can do if they’re sweet and ripe enough. As a coping mechanism to “cloudy” days, why don’t you splurge a bit and indulge yourself with these sweet and silky mangoes? They’re divine on their own, but quite lovely too when paired with this matcha-coco cream dip.


Mango with Matcha-coco cream dip
Serves 2

1 to 2 Philippine mangoes
1 cup thick coco cream
2 tsp coco sugar
1 tsp matcha tea
black sesame seeds

Slice the mangoes into halves. Make checkered slices on each half without cutting through the skin and set aside.

Grab 2 ramequins or small dessert bowls, and divide the rest of the ingredients into 2 portions except for the sesame seeds. Mix well making sure the sugar and tea are well-incorporated. Sprinkle some black sesame seeds. You can chill the mixture for an hour or so, or eat it straight up.

Turn your mangoes inside-out to make these porcupine-like mango cheeks. Serve them with the matcha-coco cream and be consoled. ✌︎


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