Chillin’ with a cold cucumber avocado soup

We were in the middle of a heatwave in Europe recently. And while I do love the summer and some sunshine-y days, the extremely high temperature is just something else. We were all exhausted and spent despite minimal physical activity, and there was a restlessness disguised as a cloud hanging over our heads making every task … Continue reading Chillin’ with a cold cucumber avocado soup


Maple roasted roots

It's spring, the season for nice sweet beets and crunchy carrots. Carrots may be readily available all year round, but at the moment, the nice fresh baby carrots are the big stars. To celebrate these beautiful roots, here's a simple recipe that goes well with practically any main dish from grilled, fried, stewed or steamed … Continue reading Maple roasted roots

Cajun tofu tacos

A lot of people are typically not excited about tofu. And I get it. It's a very neutral ingredient. It doesn't impose any strong taste or texture to a dish. It's fragile and gentle. Too gentle, maybe. For me though, those are exactly the same reasons why I love tofu. It's sort of a blank … Continue reading Cajun tofu tacos

Buckwheat soba bowl

Let's talk health. We've been watching a lot of reportages on food and health lately, and it's quite an eye-opener. We regularly read natural medicine articles as well, giving us tips and advices regarding proper diet and natural ways to stay healthy and prevent health-related problems. It's all fascinating and quite empowering to discover and … Continue reading Buckwheat soba bowl

Korean pancakes and some kimchi, please.

Korean food and pancakes had a love child, and oh, that baby is yummy. Um um um.. Korean pancakes, or pajeon won my heart the first time I had them. It's a light and healthy alternative to actual pancakes (debatable according to the partner), and you can enjoy it savoury or spicy. I like whipping … Continue reading Korean pancakes and some kimchi, please.

Matcha been love: a breakfast story

It was love at first sight. Or perhaps it's more fitting to say at first taste. I remember the first time I tasted matcha. I just graduated from middle school, and my parents and I ate out after the ceremonies at a nice Japanese restaurant. We had teppanyaki and tempura, I think. But what really … Continue reading Matcha been love: a breakfast story