Mackerel teriyaki

One of the easiest and highly satisfying Japanese dishes is Teriyaki. Its defining elements are the soy sauce+mirin+sugar glaze and the grilling or broiling technique. A lovely combination which makes my mouth water a bit just thinking about it. Teriyaki dishes can be based on varying ingredients from fish (tuna, salmon or mackerel) to meat … Continue reading Mackerel teriyaki


Five reasons to be happy today + that Thai Chicken Laksa

Today could be any other day, but let me just say it – it isn't! I woke up and mentally pepped up myself into showing up for work today. And then all these good things started pouring into my endorphin bank making it quite effortless to get out there into the world. I know it's … Continue reading Five reasons to be happy today + that Thai Chicken Laksa

Mango-coco tapioca pudding

I admit, I have a sweet tooth. I prefer cooking than baking, but serve me pastry or cakes, and I’m instantly a happy gal. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on lately - to take down my sugar intake, but forgetting about desserts is way too sad for my liking. This had led me … Continue reading Mango-coco tapioca pudding

Peking Duck for the year of the sheep

A month ago, because it was the Chinese new year, we, chez nous, together with some friends decided to celebrate the beginning of the lunar year of the sheep/goat/ram. In other words, we thought this was a perfect excuse to try out some Chinese recipes we wanted to try (or we never thought we'd try). … Continue reading Peking Duck for the year of the sheep

Korean pancakes and some kimchi, please.

Korean food and pancakes had a love child, and oh, that baby is yummy. Um um um.. Korean pancakes, or pajeon won my heart the first time I had them. It's a light and healthy alternative to actual pancakes (debatable according to the partner), and you can enjoy it savoury or spicy. I like whipping … Continue reading Korean pancakes and some kimchi, please.

Chopsuey, anyone?

Growing up in Manila, I tend to be a hot-meal kind of person. A meal wasn't a complete one if I didn't have anything warm. So imagine the awkward feeling I had when I first came to Europe, and my French housemates would serve couscous salad and charcuterie. I felt like they were consciously starving … Continue reading Chopsuey, anyone?