Homemade semi-buckwheat bread

Doesn't a warm loaf of freshly baked bread sound so right on these cold winter days? I never imagined how easy it would be to make your own bread until trying out this super simple no-knead bread recipe. Seriously. I guess European life has converted me into a gluten-monster. Bread and everything dough (apart from … Continue reading Homemade semi-buckwheat bread


Banana Hazelnut Bread (a half and a half)

Happy easter, everyone! Easter break is a great time to catch up with your favorite people, do a bit of spring cleaning and try out old and new kitchen experiments. This baking experiment is a crossbreed between traditional baking and my mini attempt to use healthier options for pastries and breads. Normally, we prefer to … Continue reading Banana Hazelnut Bread (a half and a half)