Cajun tofu tacos

A lot of people are typically not excited about tofu. And I get it. It's a very neutral ingredient. It doesn't impose any strong taste or texture to a dish. It's fragile and gentle. Too gentle, maybe. For me though, those are exactly the same reasons why I love tofu. It's sort of a blank … Continue reading Cajun tofu tacos


Banana Hazelnut Bread (a half and a half)

Happy easter, everyone! Easter break is a great time to catch up with your favorite people, do a bit of spring cleaning and try out old and new kitchen experiments. This baking experiment is a crossbreed between traditional baking and my mini attempt to use healthier options for pastries and breads. Normally, we prefer to … Continue reading Banana Hazelnut Bread (a half and a half)

Kale, beets, kohlrabi salad with Gésiers de canard confit

The sun has been teasing us here and there these days, only to fool us into going out into a world of cold, rainy streets with dark overhead clouds. It is indeed spring. One of the perks of this season though is the array of seasonal produce available in the markets. The colours and textures … Continue reading Kale, beets, kohlrabi salad with Gésiers de canard confit

Mango-coco tapioca pudding

I admit, I have a sweet tooth. I prefer cooking than baking, but serve me pastry or cakes, and I’m instantly a happy gal. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on lately - to take down my sugar intake, but forgetting about desserts is way too sad for my liking. This had led me … Continue reading Mango-coco tapioca pudding

Buckwheat soba bowl

Let's talk health. We've been watching a lot of reportages on food and health lately, and it's quite an eye-opener. We regularly read natural medicine articles as well, giving us tips and advices regarding proper diet and natural ways to stay healthy and prevent health-related problems. It's all fascinating and quite empowering to discover and … Continue reading Buckwheat soba bowl