Roasted and stuffed like these sea breams

The sun is out, the temperature rises till 30 degrees, and all you can really think about is lounging in the park to soak up in some honest-to-goodness vitamine D. Read: Roast yourself under the sun. And why not? After months and months of cold grey weather, even the littlest of sunshine gives you the … Continue reading Roasted and stuffed like these sea breams


Mackerel teriyaki

One of the easiest and highly satisfying Japanese dishes is Teriyaki. Its defining elements are the soy sauce+mirin+sugar glaze and the grilling or broiling technique. A lovely combination which makes my mouth water a bit just thinking about it. Teriyaki dishes can be based on varying ingredients from fish (tuna, salmon or mackerel) to meat … Continue reading Mackerel teriyaki