Sinigang Phở

Let me tell you about rainy days. In the middle of the scorching summer heat, it is a pleasant and an immensely welcomed treat to have light cooling rain-showers paired with a refreshing breeze. This kind of day smells and feels like home to me (aaah, the tropical monsoon), hence comes a craving for comfort … Continue reading Sinigang Phở


Five reasons to be happy today + that Thai Chicken Laksa

Today could be any other day, but let me just say it – it isn't! I woke up and mentally pepped up myself into showing up for work today. And then all these good things started pouring into my endorphin bank making it quite effortless to get out there into the world. I know it's … Continue reading Five reasons to be happy today + that Thai Chicken Laksa

Buckwheat soba bowl

Let's talk health. We've been watching a lot of reportages on food and health lately, and it's quite an eye-opener. We regularly read natural medicine articles as well, giving us tips and advices regarding proper diet and natural ways to stay healthy and prevent health-related problems. It's all fascinating and quite empowering to discover and … Continue reading Buckwheat soba bowl