Spiced up like a chili con carne

Wow! It's almost the end of 2015. I can't believe how fast the days are passing. I mean seriously, didn't we just got back from the summer holidays?! I always have a tough time catching up from summer break and regrouping to real-life pace. I take my sweet time to peel out the past season … Continue reading Spiced up like a chili con carne


Chili-on-the-side type of Bicol Express

Our short hiatus can only be blamed to our summer holidays where we practically went off-the-grid except for a couple of Instagram snaps from our roadtrip. I make it a point to really disconnect during the holidays – a digital detox of sorts. I think it's healthy for the mind and soul, and we should … Continue reading Chili-on-the-side type of Bicol Express

Roasted and stuffed like these sea breams

The sun is out, the temperature rises till 30 degrees, and all you can really think about is lounging in the park to soak up in some honest-to-goodness vitamine D. Read: Roast yourself under the sun. And why not? After months and months of cold grey weather, even the littlest of sunshine gives you the … Continue reading Roasted and stuffed like these sea breams

Cajun tofu tacos

A lot of people are typically not excited about tofu. And I get it. It's a very neutral ingredient. It doesn't impose any strong taste or texture to a dish. It's fragile and gentle. Too gentle, maybe. For me though, those are exactly the same reasons why I love tofu. It's sort of a blank … Continue reading Cajun tofu tacos