Scallops + Shiitake and a Chou-rave, radish, cucumber salad

Seafood is something I wish I can have everyday. Meat is love and all, but I just realized I've been having a love affair with seafood and fish all my life without even knowing it. My grandfather was a fisherman, and my dad has always been a fisherman's son (Read: we had to have fish … Continue reading Scallops + Shiitake and a Chou-rave, radish, cucumber salad


Chopsuey, anyone?

Growing up in Manila, I tend to be a hot-meal kind of person. A meal wasn't a complete one if I didn't have anything warm. So imagine the awkward feeling I had when I first came to Europe, and my French housemates would serve couscous salad and charcuterie. I felt like they were consciously starving … Continue reading Chopsuey, anyone?

Saved by the miso-glazed tofu

After days and weeks of holiday feasting, we're always left feeling a tiny bit remorseful for all the calories we managed to down. It even gets to a point of questioning how it all happened. As if you didn't notice all that sugar and savory treats literally disappearing in front of your eyes via your … Continue reading Saved by the miso-glazed tofu