Cajun tofu tacos

A lot of people are typically not excited about tofu. And I get it. It's a very neutral ingredient. It doesn't impose any strong taste or texture to a dish. It's fragile and gentle. Too gentle, maybe. For me though, those are exactly the same reasons why I love tofu. It's sort of a blank … Continue reading Cajun tofu tacos

Winter Wonton Drama

As worn down as I may dramatically feel, I'm always up for a culinary challenge to boost the vibes. And so, here is the winter wonton soup that has me singing Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Saved by the miso-glazed tofu

After days and weeks of holiday feasting, we're always left feeling a tiny bit remorseful for all the calories we managed to down. It even gets to a point of questioning how it all happened. As if you didn't notice all that sugar and savory treats literally disappearing in front of your eyes via your … Continue reading Saved by the miso-glazed tofu