Maple roasted roots

It's spring, the season for nice sweet beets and crunchy carrots. Carrots may be readily available all year round, but at the moment, the nice fresh baby carrots are the big stars. To celebrate these beautiful roots, here's a simple recipe that goes well with practically any main dish from grilled, fried, stewed or steamed … Continue reading Maple roasted roots


Buckwheat soba bowl

Let's talk health. We've been watching a lot of reportages on food and health lately, and it's quite an eye-opener. We regularly read natural medicine articles as well, giving us tips and advices regarding proper diet and natural ways to stay healthy and prevent health-related problems. It's all fascinating and quite empowering to discover and … Continue reading Buckwheat soba bowl

Chopsuey, anyone?

Growing up in Manila, I tend to be a hot-meal kind of person. A meal wasn't a complete one if I didn't have anything warm. So imagine the awkward feeling I had when I first came to Europe, and my French housemates would serve couscous salad and charcuterie. I felt like they were consciously starving … Continue reading Chopsuey, anyone?